Lovely Mirrors in the Bedroom: 5 Inspirations

A mirror in the bedroom brings elegance and romance. It is an inexpensive accessory that you can get from a home decor store. You can also ask your local mirror company to provide you with a custom-made mirror. When incorporating mirrors in a bedroom, be careful not to go overboard. Be mindful when arranging mirrors so you can create a sophisticated style, and not a tacky one. Place a mirror where you can get the aesthetics you’re aiming for and where it will serve its practical purpose.

Here are inspirations of having mirrors in the bedroom:

Antique mirror panels along the wall gives this bedroom a shabby chic look. The color of the mirrors is dimmed due to the antique effect and it complements the neutral tones used in the room. The mirror reflects the ornate chandelier which adds to the room’s charm and appeal. The panels are custom made and you can ask your local mirror shop to create the same mirror or something similar to this for your home.

Two tall mirrors behind the night tables give this eclectic bedroom the illusion of height. They elongate the space and beautifully reflects the lamps. The mirrors fit perfectly in the narrow space and the color of the frame contrasts the deep blue walls while also complementing the color scheme used on the other furnitures.

A huge mirror is placed on the perfect spot — on a wall near the end of the bed. It reflects part of the room and the wonderful view outside. The sturdy frame matches the massive size of the mirror while enhancing the turquoise and cream combo used in the bedroom.

A gallery of beveled mirrors is a great accent on the wall above the headboard. The frame has an antique effect, giving the mirrors a unique style. It echoes the soothing ambience of the bedroom. Beveled mirrors give any room additional depth and dimension.

Four big white-framed mirrors bring this room a clean and sparkling feel. The mirrors are in different sizes but they work well together. They blend right in the room’s style from the color to the design of the frames. Light from the sun and the light fixtures are reflected, making the room look spacious and airy.

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