Charming Hallway Mirror Ideas

The hallway is usually the last part of the house to be decorated. Home owners prioritize stylizing the living room, bedroom, and other spaces of the house before tackling the hallway. You can transform a boring hallway to make it look stunning. Use a few key pieces such as photo frames and artwork to decorate the hallway. They make the space beautiful and interesting.

Another element that you can add in the hallway is a big mirror. Hallways are narrow-spaced and having a mirror there makes the space look more expansive. A large mirror creates a bold statement in an area which is most likely left unnoticed in a home. Draw inspiration from these lovely hallway ideas:

A hallway mirror with a coat well is a space-saving idea.

Make a hallway mirror more useful by installing shelves and a coat well below it. You can get one final look before going out and you’ll have a place where you can easily take your coat and bag. This idea creates an organized space in your home and it is perfect for homes with small spaces.

mirror and art gallery

Fill a long wall and a narrow hallway with a collection of mirrors and artwork. You can hang mirrors in different sizes and frames to make the design more interesting. Give enough space among the mirrors and artwork so the hallway won’t look too crowded and you can admire the beauty of each design element.

oversize mirror

An oversize mirror occupies a whole wall and is a great statement piece in the space. It is massive and the ornate carvings of the frame enhances the romantic style used in the design. The size of the mirror reflects many elements from the lovely chandelier to the beautifully-designed fuchsia carpet. You can ask your local mirror shop to manufacture a large mirror for you with a frame that blends right in the hallway design that you want. If you’re having a huge mirror in the hallway, make sure that you secure it to avoid accidents.

A big wall mirror at the end of the hallway is a designer trick that you can do to create the illusion of more space and brighten the area. The mirror reflects a nice painting and the warm light from the light fixtures giving the hallway a calm and serene atmosphere. The design of the mirror brings elegance to the space.

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