Styling Your Home with Beautiful Mirrors

Mirrors are a designer’s best friend and should be yours also when you’re decorating your home. A mirror is a great way to make a room look spacious. It is also a great illuminator, bouncing off light from natural and artificial lightings. Having a beautiful mirror in your home is not only decorative, it is functional, as well.

Here are ideas on how you can style your home with mirrors:

wall mirror creates a perfect balance with the fireplace

Scale. Check out the room where you will place a mirror and see if the mirror will fit right in, in terms of scale. Get a mirror that is proportionate to the location it will be placed. For a room with low ceilings, or for narrow walls, have a nice tall mirror to heighten the space. Hang a large mirror over a mantle to showcase the fireplace. A full length mirror is a wonderful accessory at home but its position can either make or break a room’s design. If you have a big space in a room such as a bedroom, have a full length mirror on a stand. If there is not much space, lean a full length mirror against a wall. This position lets you conserve space and mirror will create the illusion of more space. Make sure that the mirror is placed securely to safety reasons.

big mirror reflects the beautiful chandelier

Reflect light with mirrors. Aside from reflecting a nice view, hang a mirror where it will reflect light. In the dining room, have a big mirror to reflect the dining table, candle holders, and chandelier. The mirror creates a dramatic and elegant ambience especially if it reflects candle light. It makes the room dim, softening the features of the diners. Reflecting a pretty chandelier gives more illumination to the area. Placing a mirror where it reflects light can save you on energy costs. You don’t need to have many light fixtures in a room to get enough light.

mirrored cabinet in a traditional bedroom

Mirror in furnitures. A mirrored cabinet gives a living room or bedroom a touch of glamor. It is a unique piece that can even be a conversation starter with guests. Depending on the design of the mirror, it can create a chic look, a Victorian-age feel, or a classic statement. If you want a mirror in an area at home but you don’t want to go overboard, try having a mirrored furniture.

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