Maximize a Small Space with Mirrors


Home owners in a budget want to make the most out of the house they’re living in. Usually, space is limited and it is the norm in dormitory rooms, apartments, condo units, etc. A large space means shelling out more rent money than in a small-space house so for practicality’s sake, many are choosing to live in small houses and spaces. There are many ways to make your living space look bigger than in reality. One trick that you can do is by using mirrors. Interior designers pull this trick out of their sleeves when they are decorating a tiny room and you should also do it too at home.

Where do you need to put mirrors?

A mirror should be placed strategically in a room to maximize its effect. Don’t just hang a mirror wherever you want since it may not bring the effect you want for your space.

To brighten up a space. Place a mirror where it will reflect light, whether from natural or artificial light sources. Near a window is a good spot since the mirror will reflect the energizing sunlight all throughout the day. This is also a budget-friendly place since it will lower down your electricity bills since you don’t need to turn on the light to illuminate a dark room in the day.

To open up a space. The disadvantage of living in a small space is that it feels cramped and confining. Open up a space by placing mirrors across each other. Do this in a hallway or a closet. Each mirror will reflect the other one, creating a larger room than it actually is in reality.

To add depth. Bring a unique and unexpected depth to a room using a mirror. Let a mirror reflect a beautiful artwork or light fixture. Make a mirror serve as another “window” at home. There are many thing wherein a mirror could help you in styling a space in your home. It is not only a practical item to have, it can also be a decorative element.

To bring in a statement. A large, floor length mirror can be used as a focal point even in a room. Don’t be intimidated from using a big mirror within the small confines of your room. The wide reflective surface of the mirror can do wonders in a tiny space. It will reflect more surface area and can bounce off more light, giving you the feeling of an enlarged room.

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