Choosing the Right Bathroom Mirror

A mirror is essential in any home and the room where it is needed the most is in the bathroom. It is a practical accessory to have since you need to see your reflection while you’re doing your grooming rituals. If you’re thinking about getting a bathroom mirror, here are tips on how to choose the right one for your home.

Consider several factors. There are a number of things you have to think about before you go to the store. You have to think about the following:

  • size of the sink or vanity area
  • wall space
  • height of the bathroom users
  • style of the bathroom

Get a mirror that is proportional to the sink, smaller than the width of the sink is perfect. The height of the mirror depends on the above factors since the mirror should be able to reflect the tallest user at home while giving enough wall space on top. Hanging a bathroom mirror 5 feet off the ground is a good guide.

Know the mirror’s purpose. Why are you getting a mirror? Since a mirror has so many uses and there are many types of bathroom mirrors, it’s good to know how you will use it. Do you want a space-saving mirror which you can also use to store toiletries? Will it be a focal point in the bathroom? Do you want the mirror to complement the existing style or bring contrast? Knowing the mirror’s purpose will help you trim down your choices once you’re in the store.

Cleaning time. A bathroom mirror is the most used mirror at home so naturally, it needs frequent cleaning. If you’re always in a rush and have no time to clean, get a simple framed mirror. It is easier to clean compared to an ornate-framed mirror. A decorative mirror with intricate details, especially those with lots of curves and curlicues in its frame is tricky to clean since you have to deal with cleaning every nook and cranny of the frame’s design.

Spend your money wisely. Another important factor to think about is the budget. Set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay to avoid setting your eyes on a beautiful mirror that you can’t afford in the end. Having a budget allows you to be realistic as to which mirror to get. A mirror is an investment since you spent time, energy, and money before you buy it. Don’t just purchase a mirror just for the sake of having one.

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