Maximize the Use of Mirrors in a Room

Mirrors are easy and more affordable way of decorating a room. They are a favorite design element which help enhance the style of a room. Aside from being decorative, they are practical home accessories since we all need to look at ourselves in the mirror whenever we’re doing our grooming rituals, checking out a new outfit, or just taking a final look before leaving the house.┬áMake the most out a mirror by hanging it on the best spot in the room.

Create the illusion of space. A well-placed mirror can help make a small, narrow room look bigger. The mirror reflects nearby areas such as the window, light fixtures, or artworks which makes the room visually spacious. If you’re decorating a tiny room, add a large mirror in the design. The size of the mirror should not be less than three-fourths the height of the wall where you will place it. Don’t doubt the power of a big mirror in a small room. The big size will reflect more area which is advantageous to your room.

Lighten a dark room. Aside from making a room look more expansive, a mirror can make a room brighter by reflecting light. Place a mirror adjacent or opposite a window to reflect sunlight. You’ll have a bright and airy room instantly. Hang a wall mirror where it can reflect light fixtures such as the chandelier in the dining room or the scones in the bathroom. A mirror reflecting candlelight creates a romantic and dramatic atmosphere, perfect for those date nights.


Reflect a nice view. Have a mirror opposite a window so it reflects a beautiful scenery. This position of a mirror brings the outdoors inside your home. You can enjoy the greenery of nature, a charming cityscape, or a calm ocean within the comforts of your home using mirrors. You can also choose to hang a mirror to reflect a lovely painting, or an interesting sculpture.

Use as a focal point. A decorative mirror can be used as a focal point in a room. Create a mirror gallery for an eclectic look or have an oversize mirror as a statement piece in a room. A mirror with ornate carvings can be a great accent piece on the wall. Just choose a mirror that complements the style of the room.

When decorating with mirrors, make sure that they are positioned and hung properly and securely since they are usually large and heavy. Avoid accidents or damaging the glass by taking precautions when handling mirrors.

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