Inspirations on Decorating Staircases with Mirrors

A staircase is a beautiful part of a home. It is a connector to another level of the home and leaves a beautiful impression on guests. It can serve as a backdrop in family portraits and other memorable events such as prom night and wedding day. Decorating a staircase is an important factor in home decorating. You can’t overlook styling a staircase, especially if it is located near the entry. You can decorate your staircase with a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting, or hanging family photos and artworks. Another decorative and functional item that you can incorporate is a big mirror. It is a less expensive way of decorating the staircase.

Here are inspirations on using mirrors when decorating staircases:


An oversized mirror is placed securely in the stair landing. The massive size reflects the other half of the stairs and the lovely pin lights on the hallway. The frame has a simple, geometric design and is painted white to blend with the background. The mirror gives a clean and sophisticated look in the staircase.

A wood framed mirror hangs perfectly at the bottom of the stairs. The framing material is similar to that used on the console table and the carving on top mimics the curlicue of the wrought iron balustrade. This enhances the antique, Mediterranean look of the space.

A large black framed mirror gives an interesting point in this hallway. The dark color  creates a beautiful contrast against the stark white walls and echoes the paint used in the balustrade. The mirror reflects a nice view of the living area and the charming chandelier. The space on top of the staircase is narrow but the mirror makes this space look more expansive.

The end of the hallway is a great spot for having a mirror. This hallway faces the end of the staircase and the mirror makes the space look spacious. The mirror illuminates the pin lights making the dark space look brighter.

Decorate a blank wall with a huge mirror. Usually, this part of the staircase area is left as-is since it’s difficult to reach and styling this space can be tricky. The frame is simple and complements the style of the home. A large mirror such as this is very heavy so have a professional to install it for you.

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