Tips for Choosing a Wall Mirror


A wall mirror is a great home accessory to have. Aside from its functional use, a wall mirror is used to make a small room look more spacious and it is a beautiful reflector of light. It can be a decorative element in a room and can even work as a focal point. If you’re thinking about purchasing a wall mirror, there are several things that you should consider. After all, a wall mirror should help you create a look that you’re aiming for in a room. Here are tips when choosing a wall mirror:

Tip #1 Consider the purpose. Think about the purpose of the mirror. Ask yourself, why am I buying a wall mirror? Do you need a wall mirror to check yourself before leaving the house? Do you need it as a decorative item in the living room? The purpose of a mirror will determine what kind of mirror to get. If you will use a mirror for checking your appearance, a full length mirror is a better choice than a wall mirror. If you want to have something above the fireplace, a wall mirror is perfect for the job.

Tip #2 Consider the shape. Wall mirrors are available in different shapes. Most common shapes are square and rectangular but there are also round, oval, and hexagonal ones. The style of the room where the wall mirror will be added can help you determine its shape. For a more traditional look, get a square or rectangular wall mirror. For a simple look, try a round mirror. You can get your mirror custom sized at your local mirror shop.

Tip #3 Consider the size. Determine how large the wall mirror should be. The size of the wall mirror depends on two factors: the size of the wall and the impact you want to have in a room. If you’re decorating a large space and want to create a bold statement, get an extra large wall mirror. If the area is tiny such as the entry, get a small wall mirror.

Tip #4 Consider the framing material. Choose a mirror frame that will maximize the style used in the room. For an elegant and regal feel, choose a gilded frame; for a traditional and homey feel, get a wood framed mirror. There are also mosaic designs, painted glass, and iron frames available. For a minimalist look, get a frameless mirror. The location of the mirror also affects the framing material to choose. If the wall mirror will be used in the bathroom, choose a wall mirror with a water-resistant frame such as metal. A wood framed mirror is better used in a room with the least humidity.

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