Save on Energy Costs with Mirrors

Yes, you read correctly. Mirrors can help lower your electricity bills. How? By strategically placing mirrors to increase sunlight in your home.

There are homes that are dark even during the day due to lack of windows or having dark-colored walls. This makes a home feel small and closed-in. A dim room also needs constant lighting for you to be able to do daily tasks clearly; and every light bulb that’s turned on increases your energy costs. If you live in a home that needs precious sunlight, you may opt to expand the windows or carve a portion off the wall to construct a new window. These options are suitable but not practical, especially if you’re just renting your place. A cost-effective way to catch sunlight into your home is by using mirrors. A well-placed mirror can make a room look brighter and visually spacious that light fixtures are only used during the night.

Grouping several mirrors also serve as wall art.

Grouping several mirrors also serve as wall art.

Mirror opposite the window. Hang a mirror on a wall directly across a window to illuminate the room. The mirror will reflect sunlight and bring it to the room. If there is no wall across a window, place a mirror near one so it can still bounce off sunlight. Place it at an angle that can maximize the sunlight’s reflection. Use a floor mirror or a tall mirror in a stand so you can easily move and adjust it around the room.

Mirrors on the hallway. Hallways are usually dark areas in a house. Put a large mirror along the hall or at the end of the corridor to brighten this space. Even if doors along the hall are closed, the little light coming in will be magnified by the mirror. A floor-to-ceiling mirror at the end of a narrow hallway will create a great illusion, making it look like you have an unending tunnel at home.

Mirrored furniture. If you want to use mirrors in small sizes, consider having mirrored cabinets. Aside from the usual medicine cabinet in the bathroom, you can use a mirrored cabinet in any room. Give life to old cabinets by installing mirror panels on its doors. Ask your local mirror shop to custom size the glass to exactly fit the furniture. A mirrored furniture gives a feel of class and elegance in the space while helping reflect natural light.

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