Smart Rules in Decorating with Mirrors

A mirror is a smart investment in terms of accessorizing your home. It works double-duty –as a decorative element and a functional item. Any room can benefit from having a well-placed mirror. In a small, narrow room, a mirror creates the illusion of space, and it is a great reflector of light, whether from natural or artificial sources.

When adding mirrors in a room, here are smart rules that you can consider to help you get the most out of your mirrors:

Rule #1 Hang the mirror at the best spot. Determine the area in a room where you will hang the mirror. For a mirror to be functional, people should be able to see themselves without exerting any effort. Hanging a mirror 5 feet off the floor is the suggested height. This is not too high nor too low. If you hang the mirror too high, people will need to tiptoe to be able to see themselves; if it is too low, people will have to stoop.

Rule #2 Reflect light. Have a mirror where it can reflect light. Big mirrors help illuminate more light compared to standard-sized mirrors. Place it adjacent or across a window to bounce off sunlight inside a gloomy room. Hang a wall mirror in the dining area to reflect a lovely chandelier, tall candle sticks, and other light fixtures.

Rule #3 Make the mirror reflect a beautiful view. Once you hang the mirror, or securely placed a floor mirror in a room, check if it is reflecting a nice view. A nice greenery of nature, the blue ocean, or paintings are great sceneries for a mirror to reflect. Avoid placing a mirror where it reflects the toilet, plumbing, or clutter.

big red mirror

Rule #4 Use as a focal point. A gorgeous large mirror is a great statement piece to have in an otherwise boring room. Place a leaning mirror on the wall at the center of the living room or put a full length mirror in the entryway to use in last minute checks before leaving the house. You can also have an oversize mirror in the hallway for an interesting look. Choose a big mirror with a frame that enhances the style of the room.

Rule #5 Think about the color. Aside from the style of the mirror, one thing that you should consider before incorporating a mirror is the color of the walls. Think about whether you want a beautiful pop of color against a neutral background such as hanging a wide red framed mirror on cream walls. For bathrooms, most frames come in white, gray, or beige for a clean look.

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