Accessorizing with Large Mirrors

Interior designers love accessorizing homes with large mirrors. What’s not to love? Mirrors make a room look spacious and they beautifully reflect any light coming into the house. They are less expensive compared to other design items such as heavy furnitures and any room can benefit from mirrors. Large mirrors can enhance the style of a room and can be used as a lovely statement piece.

Here are beautiful images of how large mirrors rock in homes:

Casual dining room mirror. A large mirror works with any style of the dining area. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary dining area, a large mirror will do wonders. It is able to reflect more surface and light. It creates a soft, romantic ambience when the candles are lit, and it helps illuminate the room by reflecting the chandelier or other light fixtures.

Stylize a corner. This corner of the room is made useful by putting different gorgeous design elements. A piano fits perfectly in the corner, embellished with a shiny lamp and clear glass vases. A pretty white framed mirror hangs securely over the piano to complete the look. There is ornate carving in the mirror that gives just the right amount of interest to the wall and its stark white color contrasts beautifully against the brown wall.

Floor-to-ceiling bedroom mirror. The size of the mirror is massive, occupying a whole wall of the bedroom. The room uses dark colors with its black furnitures and dark floor but the oversized mirror helps make it look less gloomy and confining. The mirror makes the room look spacious and it reflects light from several sources.

Oversized custom mirror. A long mirror is able to reflect people using both sinks in the vanity. This way, you wouldn’t have to wait for the other person to finish looking at the mirror while checking herself, applying make-up, or fixing hair. Both of you can do your morning grooming rituals at the same time using an oversized mirror. This mirror can be custom made at your local mirror manufacturer to fit the size of your vanity and match the color scheme of the bathroom.


Twin floor mirrors. The beauty of a floor mirror is its versatility. You can put it in any room, in any corner, and it will be an interesting focal point. You can place it in the living room, bedroom, or a hallway. Position two floor mirrors side by side and it will add a unique depth and dimension to the room. This design is for those who like symmetry and balance.

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