Tips for Decorating a Shop with Mirrors

Mirrors are functional home accessories that provide several purposes. Aside from being a vital element at home, mirrors are also used in business establishments for its practicality and beauty. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles available, you can get one that will suit the theme of your shop. If you’re looking for mirrors other than the standard-sized and generic-looking ones in the market, there are mirror manufacturers such as MirrorLot that can custom-make your mirrors.

Here are tips when decorating your shop with mirrors:

Tip #1 Mirrors must reflect positive things. Mirrors create the illusion of doubling whatever they reflect. In your shop, you should double something positive, such as customers or money, instead of negative. Some of the best spots for a mirror is near the front door, behind the front desk, or for retail shops, near the items being sold.

Tip #2 Double good feng shui with mirrors.¬†Hang a wall mirror or install a sturdy floor mirror near the door or entrance of your shop. The mirror will reflect customers coming in to your shop, attracting good fortune to your business. You can also have a mirror near the cash register to symbolize a doubling of sales. For your business’ security, don’t let your customers see the reflection of the cash register to avoid temptation and theft.


Tip #3 Make a new window. If your shop lacks windows, you can easily create one by hanging a square or rectangular mirror in one wall. The frame of the mirror will look as a window’s pane and the glass of the mirror can brighten the shop by reflecting sunlight and artificial light. Choose a frame that complements the furnitures in your shop. Wood is one of the most common and versatile framing material.

Tip #4 Mirrors can visually enlarge a small space. Place a mirror in a narrow hallway or tight corner in the shop. It will open up the space, giving you a more airy atmosphere.

Tip #5 Add drama with a large mirror. A full-sized mirror is not only a practical item to have, especially if you have a clothing store, it can also be used to add a dramatic statement in your establishment. The massive size of the mirror can be a focal point and can give your customers their first impression of your shop. When using huge mirrors, make sure that they are securely installed on the wall for safety purposes.

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