Decorating Tips with Leaning Mirrors

Decorating Tips with Leaning Mirrors

wooden-framed mirrorIn general, there are two basic ways to install mirrors: with the use of adhesive tapes and by using mirror clips or hooks. The first one will result to a very clean installation, but the mirror will be very difficult to remove should you want to move it to a different location. Hanging mirrors with hooks or mirror clips enables you to move the mirrors easily anytime, but the hooks will obviously leave holes in your wall.

Interior designers utilize both installation methods which work well, but did you know that you can still decorate a room using mirrors without doing any of these? One popular decoration trick is by leaning mirrors to a wall. It’s that simple! You can easily move the mirror around and place it without measuring and adding holes to the wall. This is especially helpful for those who are renting an apartment or house. Leaning mirrors also give a less formal look to a room. If you want to keep unsightly things such as electrical sockets, you can place a leaning mirror to hide them.

Leaning mirrors are very trendy. If you want to incorporate them into your home, here are some decorating tips:

  • Always make sure that what is reflected in the mirror is something visually appealing. It can be a nice vase, artwork or a piece of furniture. Just avoid reflecting the problem areas of the room, or those spots that you do not really want to emphasize.
  • Many place big, heavy mirrors on the floor and lean them against a wall, but if you have small ones, you can put them on top of your mantel, entryway tables or bookshelves. This is a great way to occupy an otherwise boring blank space.
  • large-black-framed-mirrorWhen leaning in different decorative pieces such as mirrors, artwork, wall decor, and other architectural elements, start putting the largest one at the back and work your way to the front with the smallest item. Moreover, you can slightly overlap one piece to the next to create a cohesive look while still making sure that each item can be seen properly. Layering art and mirrors takes up less space compared to when you hang all of them on the wall. It also adds a great deal of character in the room.
  • To keep a leaning mirror secure, especially if you have a slick surface, put something underneath the frame of the mirror. A small door stopper or rubber drawer line will do the job.
  • One way to keep a big leaning mirror in place is to do both leaning and wall mounted. Attach the top part of the mirror to the wall with a hook or mirror clip, while the bottom part is positioned on the floor.

It is very easy to decorate using leaning mirrors. Keep these tips in mind as well as the general design principles when it comes to decorating a room so you can get the most out of your mirrors.