5 Tips for Enlarging Spaces With Mirrors

Interior designers love using mirrors when designing a room, office, or any space. Aside from its practical functionality, a mirror can become a stunning statement piece in a room, especially if it is large in size and has a beautiful frame. It also can do magic when it comes to creating the illusion of space. When placed strategically in a room, it can visually add square footage. If you’re living in small, tiny spaces, just bring in a mirror and it will instantly transform the look of the room. Here are tips for making a room look larger:

Tip #1 Layering. Place one or more mirrors in front of one big mirror, creating a layered look. This adds a unique depth to the visual display and the more mirrors, the more surface area is reflected. Think about mirror on mirror. You can place mirrors with the same rectangular shapes and frame color for a geometric appeal.

Tip #2 Use tall mirrors. A tall mirror has more height than width and this helps make a narrow room look taller. It reflects area around the ceiling, and heightens the space. It illuminates the room by bouncing off light from light fixtures. If you have exposed beams or interesting tiles on the ceiling, a tall mirror will beautifully reflect this view.









Tip #3 Place an oversized mirror in one wall. The larger the mirror, the more space and light it will reflect. A floor-to-ceiling mirror opens up the space and makes it brighter. If you can’t have a mirrored wall, place a large mirror on the wall. Make sure that it is placed securely and has the appropriate metal brackets in place for safety reasons.

Tip #4 Create a fake window. A square or a rectangular mirror can mimic a the features of a window. You can make a mirror look like a window in two ways: one, hang a wall mirror with the same shape and size as a window adjacent to one so the mirror can reflect the outdoors; two, attach wood trims in the glass to create a grid similar to window panes.


Tip #5 Use mirrors as a backsplash. Mirrors should not always be hung, place a mirror in uncommon places to make the area more interesting. Brighten up your kitchen by using mirror tiles as backsplash. This design will bring enough light as you do your prep work for cooking, or while washing the dishes.

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