Stylish Small Mirrors at Home

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Interior designers always incorporate mirrors in their designs because of its versatility and functionality. A mirror creates the illusion of space and brightens up a room. A large, beautifully-framed mirror can become a statement piece in an otherwise dull and boring room. If you want to update the look of your room, bring in a big mirror and it will transform the room’s style.

It is advised that placing a large mirror inside a small, cramped room can make it look more expansive than it really is. If you’re not keen on purchasing a huge mirror to incorporate your living space, or intimidated by the sheer size of an oversized mirror, ¬†you can try using several small mirrors in square or rectangular shapes to get the same effect of one big mirror.

Hang the mirrors in one straight line, with equal spaces between them. You can do a line of mirrors or a grid of mirrors. This arrangement will create a nice focal point in your small room while making it look larger and brighter. Think about making a sort of gallery of mirrors. For a clean, cohesive style, get rectangular mirrors in the same size and frames. For an eclectic look, get a bunch of mirrors in different sizes and colors. You can do this design in an entryway or at the end of the hallway where space is usually limited.

Here are ideas of grouping mirrors:

Several mirrors are hung in a diamond shape in this family room. They bring in something shiny and shimmering in this space.

Beveled mirrors hung in a vertical line on opposite sides of the chest cabinet creates symmetry in the design. The mirrors give this dining room an elegant and classy look.

Decorate a corner with a series of small, rectangular mirrors. The beveled sides of the mirrors adds a unique depth and dimension, giving you an interesting view. This arrangement of the mirrors heightens the space which is perfect for low-ceilinged rooms. When doing this arrangement, make sure that you give enough and equal spaces between the mirrors for a clean, and organized look.








When doing a mirror gallery, choose mirrors that will complement the style of the space. Simple, black-framed mirrors complete the clean and simple design of this area. The mirrors reflect sunlight, which is a plus in any room.

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