The Various Uses of Mirrors

The mirror is one of the cost-effective item you can have at home. It is readily available and comes in different styles, sizes, and shapes. There are square, rectangular, round, and oval mirrors and there are those which are irregularly cut. Frames come in a variety of materials which provides style and support to mirrors. A home is incomplete without a mirror and here are the various uses of this staple home accessory:

1. Reflection.┬áThis is the first obvious and practical use of mirrors. You need it for reflection and inspection. Before leaving the house, you need to check yourself if you look presentable, or if your outfit is perfect. You need a mirror to see yourself while you’re doing your grooming rituals, putting on makeup, or fixing your hair. A full length mirror in the bedroom or the entry way is a convenient as you do a final check of yourself before getting out. A big mirror on the bathroom lets you see clearly as you wash your face, shave, brush your teeth, etc. A bathroom feels incomplete if it doesn’t have a mirror.

2. Brighten up a space. Because of its reflective property, a mirror can effectively illuminate a dark room by bouncing off light from natural and artificial light sources. Hang a mirror near a window or opposite it to get more light to reflect. Make a large mirror reflect the chandelier or candle sticks to create a romantic feel in a room. The shiny surface of the glass also adds to brightening an area.

3. Decoration. A mirror can be used as a decorative element in a room. Get a mosaic mirror or a huge mirror with a nice frame to bring life to a plain wall. It instantly will transform the space. The frame plays a big role in this since it is where you can show your style and personality.

4. Enlarge a room. Small, narrow rooms benefit from mirrors since they are able to visually increase a room’s size. Designers do this decorator’s trick of using a big mirror to open up small spaces. Remember, when using large mirrors, always hang them securely on the wall to avoid accidents.

5. Focal point. Bring attention to a wall by hanging a big mirror. If you don’t have enough paintings or other printed art to display, use a mirror instead. It is an attention-grabber and can be a great conversation piece in a room.

6. Hide imperfection. An ugly nail hole or faded paint can easily be covered with a mirror. Place a mirror over an imperfection in a wall and it will be out of sight.

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