Creative Ways to Personalize Mirrors

In an era where showing one’s personality is encouraged and promoted, the first place where you can do this is at your home. Creating a space that shows who you are is an enjoyable activity and will help you show your creative juices. A good starting point of personalizing your home is with small accessories such as mirrors. All homes have mirrors, and you can try being creative with them. For this project, find an old or inexpensive plain mirror.

Here are fun and creative ways on how you can personalize your mirrors at home:

  • Paint the frame. The basic thing that you can easily do to personalize something, whether a wall or mirror, is by paint. Choose a paint color which you like and use it to paint the frame of the mirror. Consider a color which complements the room where you will place the mirror. You can also think about a paint which will bring contrast to the walls. A mirror with a bright red frame is a great statement piece in a room with neutral color scheme. A white framed mirror brings a classy and clean feel in a room. The choices are endless when it comes to personalizing a mirror with paint.
  • Light up the mirror. Your mirror loses its usefulness if you can’t see your reflection because of a dark atmosphere. A good spot to place a mirror is near or across natural light such as in the entryway or near windows. Install light bulbs around the frame of the mirror to give more illumination. This mirror will make you feel like a celebrity when applying your makeup or doing your grooming rituals.
  • Add objects around the mirror. Look around the house and find some beautiful objects which you can put above and around the mirror. Select items which can help accessorize the mirror but be careful not to put too much. You can also decorate your mirror according to seasons such as putting Christmas ornaments during the holidays or placing black and orange creepy objects for Halloween.
  • Do a mosaic. Glue small glass or ceramic tiles on the mirror’s frame. This is a time-consuming project but the amazing result is worth it. A mosaic mirror has a unique design and brings an interesting focal point in a room. If you have a collection of seashells, photos, stickers, inspirational notes, etc., you can also glue them on the frame for a more personal feel.

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