Custom Made Mirrors For Personalized Appeal

Show your personality in your home by bringing in furnitures and items that reflect who you are. The color of the walls can be changed according to your taste, the sofa can be small or large to fit your family, or you can renovate a room to fit your needs. You don’t need to be an artist to design your home.

Owning a space and making it yours need not be an expensive endeavor. You can redesign your home in many ways without hurting the bank. A few pieces here and there can help you create a space truly yours. One item that you can include in designing your home is a beautiful mirror. Mirrors are less costly compared to big ticket items such as a couch or cabinet. They are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. You can have it frameless or with frames. The choices are endless when it comes to mirrors.

With a wide array of mirrors in a home decor shop, you may still feel that you can’t choose the perfect mirror for personalizing your home. A custom made mirror is your best bet for this design dilemma.

two large mirrors

A home gym is not complete without a mirror, or two mirrors, for that matter. The large mirror is custom made to fit the length of the floor and ceiling. The frame has a simple cut and painted black to complement the zen-like atmosphere of the yoga room.

gold framed mirror

Bring some shimmer in a dark room by hanging a gold frame mirror. In the design of the dining area, a hanging gold gilded mirror breaks the monotony of the black wall and helps reflect the beautiful chandelier. It brings shine and shimmer to the area.

a huge wood framed mirror complements the vanity

You don’t usually see a huge wall mirror with thick wooden frame at home decor shops but you can have it custom made for you. You can specify how thick the frame would be, what type of wood to use, what finish to use on the frame, etc. A wood frame mirror can be custom made to fit the room where it will be hung.

three big mirrors to occupy the whole wall

The great thing about having custom made mirrors is that you can have the same mirror in volume. Hanging the same mirrors side by side is a design trick that you can do. It creates symmetry and unity. The mirrors can also serve as a wall art.

When having a custom made mirror, go to a professional mirror company to discuss your preferences, the size of the mirror, and the frame to use for it. A mirror company such as MirrorLot has experience in manufacturing mirrors regardless of size and quantity. Whatever mirror you need, they can provide it.

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