Decorating Ideas with Mirrors

Decorating Ideas with Mirrors

A mirror can do so much in a room. As it reflects light, it makes the space look bigger and brighter. Mirrors have also become a great piece for interior design. However, this does not mean that you can just hang a handful of mirrors in every part of your house. There are guidelines to consider to make sure that you will achieve the effect that mirrors can do. Here are some basic decorating ideas to keep in mind:

Place a large mirror in a small room. As it gives the illusion of more space, installing a large mirror in a tiny room will do the trick. If possible, place it behind a lighting source such as a lamp or candle. This gives the same effect of creating more space, plus it makes the room brighter as it reflects more light to the room. In narrow hallways or staircases, add a small, horizontal mirror. This gives the illusion of a wider space.

modern-bathroomAdd mirrored furniture. A small kitchen, for instance, can make use of this decorating idea. By attaching mirrors to the kitchen cabinet, it lessens the clutter and it has a dual purpose – make the kitchen look bigger and brighter and as an aesthetic tool. The same goes for the dressing room that lacks closet space. Instead of adding a full-length mirror, you can add mirrors as wardrobe panels to get that mirrored wardrobe setup. In small bathrooms, some place a mirrored vanity table. It reflects light on your face, making it easier to apply make-up and do your beauty regimen or grooming ritual.

Try the collector’s look. To have a bit more character and make the decor more personal, group small mirrors of different shapes, sizes, and designs and group them on the wall. This will also have the same effect of reflecting light to the room. If you use interesting frame designs, this group of mirrors can likewise be a good conversation piece or focal point of the space.

Be mindful of what it reflects. Proper placement also involves making sure that the object across the mirror is worth looking at. No matter how nice your mirror looks like, it defeats the purpose if it is reflecting clutter or something unattractive. Of course, it is essential that the mirror reflects light or a good view. Some even use mirrors that reflect the outdoors such as a nice garden.

Consider the height when hanging a mirror. Install the mirror at the right height to get the best reflection. Hang it too high and it may reflect the ceiling. However, if you have a mirror with intricate design or it’s created to be a home decor, then hanging it on a higher level such as above the headboard in your bedroom will work well.

There are so many ways to incorporate mirrors into your home. It’s not that complicated as long as you are aware of what mirrors can do and why you want them. By keeping these decorating ideas in mind, you will be able to achieve the desired results.