Decorating Ideas

Finding the perfect table for your dining room, living room or office can be challenging sometimes. Most furniture stores only offer standard sizes, which may not fit in your desired space, or be accommodating for your family or guests.

Your hunt for a table should not be this complicated. Our goal is to simplify your shopping experience by offering customizing options. First, you select your preferred wood type/stain, then you can choose your dimensions. Next, you decide if would rather have a rustic live-edge or go with a beveled or straight edge. We also offer tons of different table leg options, which you can match with your table top, or mix it up with a contrasting color.

Give your living room a fresh look by adding multiple coffee tables, like this:

Soggiorno con divano      Contemporary designed room      Modern living-room

Adding two or three tables, as opposed to one large coffee table gives your living room a chic and modern appearance. Not only is it visually appealing, but it is also beneficial as it opens up  more room for you to display books, magazines, drinks and food. This will especially come in handy when you are having guests over for a party.

You can even spruce up your dining room, by adding decorative pieces:

luxury dinning room interior       Idea of loft style dining room      Luxury dining room in a contemporary style.

When you have high ceilings and a lot of space to work with, that gives you the opportunity to add cool light fixtures and shelves filled with various knick knacks and decor. You can buy unique chairs to go a long with your custom table, or we can even produce a matching bench, for a more rustic look.

Update your office with some of the hip looks to avoid a boring work environment:

interior of modern office

Who wouldn’t want to eat and lounge in a trendy break room like this? Installing a table top with stools can be space efficient. It leaves more room for storage and food, as well as allowing more space for employees to walk around and stretch their legs.

empty meeting room and conference table

This mixed wood table will not only add a rustic charm to your conference room, but is also more modern and stylish. Some meetings last countless hours, so why not gather around in an updated and unique ambiance?