Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

“Mirror comes comes Old French mireor (“reflecting glass”), which sprang from earlier Frenchmiradoir (exact translation lost) mirer (“look at”) and Latin mirare, miror, and mirari (“to wonder at, admire”).”( http://www.the-beheld.com/2011/06/thoughts-on-word-mirror.html )

Did you know that the first  mirror was actually a river discovered in the Ancient Himalayas? A woman was startled when she thought she saw another person in a pool of water, only to realize it was her own reflection!

“The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks were quite fond of mirrors and often manufactured mirrors from polished copper and bronze. Glass mirrors were first produced during the third century A.D., and were quite common in Egypt, Gaul, Germany and Asia. The invention of glassblowing method during the 14th century led to the discovery of convex mirrors, which increased the popularity of glass mirrors.” (http://www.mirrorhistory.com/)

As you can see, mirrors have come a long way. They serve many purposes from admiring one’s beauty, to adding depth and lengthening the space in a persons home. They are essential to have in bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining room areas. It’s good to get creative and add multiple mirrors to accent your home in different areas. Hotels, restaurants, retail stores and various other businesses  also display  mirrors to make their establishments look more presentable.  A bold framed mirror, is not only eye-catching, but who doesn’t pass by a mirror without checking their hair/make-up? Also, with this recent selfie craze, people are constantly taking mirror selfies showcasing their new haircut, outfit, or for an ego boost. Everyone knows you can’t take the ultimate mirror selfie with a simple, boring frame-less mirror.

Here are my top choices for some stylish frame options that will be sure to make a statement and will add some charm to your room:

Brown leather armchair and green small table against brick wall background



Beautiful girl in bodysuit and basque


Salon in new design





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