How to Frame a Rectangular Bathroom Mirror

Bring style to a plain, ordinary-looking bathroom mirror by framing it. You spend hours in front of a bathroom mirror while doing your morning and evening rituals, applying make-up, fixing your hair, etc. so why not make that mirror look stylish by giving it a frame? Wood molding or any decorative molding looks lovely in a square or rectangular bathroom mirror and you can give your generic mirror some style with it. Here is how you can frame a bathroom mirror. This project is for those who are not that confident in their carpentry skills and would want to avoid the use of a miter saw.


  • all-purpose construction adhesive
  • screw driver
  • tape measure
  • wood molding or decorative molding
  • 4 corner blocks
  • small handsaw
  • sandpaper
  • old newspapers
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • hook-and-loop tape


1. Check if the bathroom mirror is glued to the wall. If not, apply construction adhesive at the back of the mirror and press the mirror firmly to the wall. Allow the adhesive to dry overnight.

2. With a tape measure, get the width and height of the mirror. Measure twice so you get the accurate dimensions.

3. Go to a home improvement shop and purchase a wood or decorative molding. Get a molding which is at least 4 inches wide, less than that would make the frame look to thin and flimsy.

4. Purchase 4 corner blocks. These will serve as the decorative corners of the frame.

5. Measure the width of the corner pieces and multiply it by 2.

6. Subtract the width of the two corner blocks to the length of the decorative molding. Mark this measurement on the 2 molding. Saw off the excess in the molding. Do the same for the molding that you will use for the height of the mirror.

7. Sand off the rough edges at the ends of the molding.

8. Dry fit the molding and the corners blocks against the mirror to see if you have a perfectly fitted frame.

9. In your work room or outdoors, place old newspapers to cover your work area. Put your frame pieces and lightly brush off dust. Paint the front of the molding and corner blocks. Apply two coats of paint and let it dry.

10. Cut strips of hook-and-loop tape measuring 3 inches. Place a piece of this tape every 3 inches at the back of the molding. Reminder: A hook-and-loop tape can only hold a certain amount of weight so avoid using heavy molding.

11. Attach the molding and the corner blocks to the mirror. Adjust the frame pieces to fit the mirror perfectly.

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