5 Designer Tips in Decorating with Mirrors

A mirror is a great design element in any room in a house, office, or place of business. A well-placed mirror can make a narrow space look expansive and can reflect light in a dark area. It is an item which is both functional and decorative. You can maximize a room’s style using beautiful mirrors and you can also save on energy costs by strategically placing a mirror to reflect natural light.

Here are designer tips when using mirrors to decorate a room:

big mirror in the entry

Find the best spot. Interior decorators have tried-and-tested locations in placing mirrors. The best spot on where to have a mirror is in the entryway. Have a beautiful mirror in the entry so everyone can have a final check of themselves and their outfits before leaving the house. The entry is the first area which guests see in a home so place a mirror that shows your personality and gives an initial feel of the house.

oversized mirror with beveled mirror frame

Use an oversized mirror. A leaning mirror is a great accent to a room. With its impressive size, it can reflect more light and more space than standard mirrors. If you have no art to display on a blank wall, a huge mirror can do the trick. It can be a statement piece and conversation starter in a room.

Reflect light. Place a mirror where it can reflect light, whether natural light or light from chandeliers, scones, and other light fixtures. The extra light illuminated by the mirror can save you money on electricity bills. You don’t need to turn on the light when quickly checking yourself since a mirror can bounce off natural light.

Hang a decorative mirror. A decorative mirror can complement a room’s style and is a practical accessory to have in the home. The design of the mirror can energize a boring wall or bring a pop of color in a neutral background.

Expand the space. A mirror is a designer’s best friend in creating an illusion of space. For small, cramped spaces, place a large mirror to make the area look more expansive. You can hang mirrors at the hallway, at the back of the walk-in closet door, or a small corner.

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Image source: www.houzz.com