Stylize Your Home With Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are not only functional items you use to check yourself out before leaving the house, they possess beauty that can be used as decorative element in the home or office. The varied styles, colors, design, and materials used on mirrors’ frames give them unique looks that can enhance the style of one’s home. If you’re unsure what decorative mirror to incorporate in your home, here are some inspirations:

Bold statement. A mirror with a beautiful carved frame gives this powder room character. The elaborate carvings on the frame and the gold color give a bold statement to this area. This mirror is perfect if you want to have some drama on the walls. By the look of the wall mirror above, it’s quite heavy; make sure you’re hanging it securely to prevent accidents.

Pop of color. Hang a mirror with a brightly colored frame. If you have a wall which looks pale or boring, introduce a pop of color using a mirror. The ornate design also gives the mirror an interesting look. Putting a design element in bold color is a trick that you can do if you have no budget on repainting all the walls.

Be a royal. Feel like royalty by hanging an intricately designed mirror in the bedroom. The design of the frame helps create the romantic atmosphere in the room. The mirror blends well in this Victorian-inspired space.

Try beveled. Several beveled mirrors can also be made as wall art in the dining room or bedroom. The stylish frames give the area a sense of elegance and sophistication. The height of the mirrors in the arrangement is able to reflect the beautiful light fixture and the dining table, too.

Simple shape. A regular square mirror can be made decorative by adding intricate carvings inside the frame. The mirror looks square at first but when you look closely, the frame has a beautiful design. If you want style but still is conservative in your decors, this mirror is perfect for you. You can ask your local mirror shop to create a similar mirror for you.

Go large. Use a huge floor mirror as an accent piece. Floor mirrors are available in different designs so you have a wide selection on which you can use at your home. They are versatile and you can move a floor mirror when you’re relocating.

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