Inspiration: Beautiful Large Mirrors

Whether you’re decorating a small, or spacious room, a large mirror can do wonders in the overall look and feel of it. A mirror will make a tiny room look expansive and when placed strategically, it can help illuminate the area by reflecting light from natural and artificial sources. It is convenient to have a large mirror at home since it is versatile and functional. You can use it as a statement piece and to do a final check on yourself before leaving the house. When choosing a large mirror, consider the style of the room where it will be placed so it will be easier for you to choose the perfect mirror.

Here are inspirations of large mirrors at home:

An oversized mirror at the far wall of the bathroom creates the illusion of even more space in this expansive room. The wide glass plays tricks on your eyes, making you see a longer bathroom visually. The only giveaway that you’re looking at a mirror is its frame, which you can also mistake for a door’s molding. The frame echoes the overall style of the room which is simple and minimalistic.

Several custom sized mirrors are installed on the walls of the vanity area. Wooden frames which are custom fitted create a mirror gallery of sorts in the bathroom. The different angles where the mirrors are placed give an interesting visual display. The mirrors also reflect the light from the scones installed on them, making the space brighter and well-illuminated.

A simple framed floor mirror stands securely against a wall in this bedroom. It is placed between two dressers, creating a balanced look between the two. The edges of the glass are beveled which gives a unique dimension to the reflected surface and the frame echoes the deep, rich color used on the dressers.

A floor-to-ceiling contemporary mirror is permanently placed at the center of the walk-in closet. The wide mirror reflects so many things inside the closet, giving the illusion that you’re looking at another part of the room. It is a magnificent statement piece in the room and a functional one, as well.









A large mirror, which is actually made up of several custom-cut, beveled mirrors, looks luxurious in this lounge. The design is unique and marvelous to look at. At first glance, you’ll think you’re looking at a mirrored wall but the mirror is not installed on the wall, instead, it is securely leaning against it.







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