Inspiration: Decorating with Large Mirrors

Whether you’re looking for a great accent piece at home or wanting to decorate a room, consider having a large mirror. A large mirror can instantly transform any room. Place it in a tiny room and it creates the illusion of space, and in a dark room, a mirror brightens up the space. The massive size of a mirror is a beautiful statement piece in a room, demanding attention to it. Here are inspirations on how to decorate your home with large mirrors:

Two mirrors in different sizes are used in this small bedroom apartment. If space is limited, don’t shy away from incorporating large mirrors since they can do wonders in a tiny room. The room uses a natural, dark color scheme; having reclaimed wood as headboard, deep gray bed spread and black couch. A big wooden frame mirror hangs securely above the couch, reflecting sunlight which helps brighten the room. Another tall mirror leans on an angle that helps enlarge the room. It also reflects one side of the bed and the lamp, giving the illusion that you’re seeing double.

A white framed mirror enhances the simple design of this small space. The mirror is hung near the window, generously illuminating the room by reflecting natural light. The frame mimics the design of the window and door moldings giving a cohesive look to the space. The mirror helps make the room look airy and comfy.

Make a large mirror functional by incorporating it in furnitures. In this kitchen, a mirror was made into a sliding door to conceal the pantry. It’s a sleek and smart design that you can do in your own home. Ask your local mirror company to create a similar mirror that will open up the space in your kitchen or any room at home.


An elegant black framed mirror serves as a focal point in the living room. The design of the frame is simple, bringing a nice contrast to the eclectic room. The mirror occupies most area of the wall and reflects a pretty view of the living area.

Hang a long, white framed mirror in the bathroom. White evokes cleanliness and this color works well in the bathroom. When hanging a big mirror, make sure that it is centered to the wall and its size should be proportional to the vanity. Use the appropriate hanging apparatus that is able to support the weight of the mirror since large mirrors are heavy and you wouldn’t want it to slip off the wall.

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