Best Spots to Create More Space with Mirrors

Adding a mirror in a small room is a designer’s trick that instantly transforms the look of a room. A mirror is a less expensive option of making a tiny space look more expansive, compared to breaking down a whole wall. It is not only a practical home accessory, a mirror can also be decorative and enhances the style of a room.

If you are decorating a small room, here are the best spots on where you can place a mirror to make the room look larger:


Near the dining table. Decorate your dining room with a big mirror. It is not only a good feng shui practice, a mirror in the dining area reflects light from artificial sources such as chandeliers and candles. It gives a soft reflection of light, creating a cozy, and inviting atmosphere in the room. Remember, light is your friend when it comes to making a small room look spacious.

Backsplashes. Most people don’t incorporate mirrors in the kitchen but you can do so, especially if you aim to create the illusion of a big kitchen. Enlarge a tiny kitchen by using mirrors as the backsplash. It will make your prep counter brighter and it adds shimmer in this busy room. Be sure to wipe off food splatters off the mirror and keep it clean at the end of the day.

Cabinet doors. Glue mirrored tiles in your cabinet doors to reflect various areas in the room. You can have a local mirror shop to custom size the mirrors to fit your cabinet. This is perfect in the kitchen to give a clean and sleek look to the area and can maximize the style of the kitchen, especially if you have stainless steel counters and appliances.


One wall of the room. Open up the space of a cramped room by having a floor-to-ceiling mirror in one of the walls. The massive mirror will visually enlarge the room, and will make it feel airy and spacious.

Outdoor area. Bring a mirror in an outside area such as a small garden, patio or porch. A mirror can energize a garden by reflecting beautiful plants and flowers.

Ceiling. Mount a mirror on the ceiling of a dark room such as the entryway and back patio. When the light is turned on, the mirror helps illuminate the area. It also gives the illusion of skylight in windowless rooms such as the pantry.

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