Unique Ideas for Framing a Mirror


A mirror is a great investment to have in your home. Aside from its reflective and decorative purposes, it can make a small room larger visually and make a dark room brighter by reflecting natural and artificial lights. A beautifully framed mirror can be an interesting focal point in a room, making an dull room look lively and vibrant. Home decor shops offer tons of mirrors in different styles and sizes but these mirrors tend to be ordinary and generic looking. You can easily reflect your style with your mirrors by personalizing its frames. Aside from using molding, here are unique ways on how to frame a mirror:

1. Picture frames. Use a picture frame to frame your mirror. You can use an unused picture frame at home or choose a lovely picture frame from the store. Get a frame that is 1/4 inch longer and wider than the dimensions of the mirror. Make sure that the picture frame is deep enough to fit the mirror. Since the mirror is heavier than a picture, install wires or hooks to support the weight of the mirror and the frame before hanging it to the wall.

2. Ribbons. You’ll need a wooden frame and a velvet ribbon that’s wider than the frame.

  • Create a pattern on a paper of one side of the frame.
  • Paint the frame’s inner and outer edges in a color that’s similar to the color of the ribbon.
  • Cut a velvet ribbon which is slightly longer than the paper template. Iron on strips of fusing to the back of the ribbon.
  • Use the paper template to trace a guide on the fusing. Cut out the shape on the ribbon. Repeat the same process to the other three sides of the mirror.
  • Place the ribbon on the frame, fusing side down. Cover with a towel and press an iron to make the ribbon adhere to the frame. Keep the iron on a low setting.

3. Costume jewelry. If you love the bling, use costume jewelry to bedazzle your mirror.

  • Choose the costume jewelry which complements the style of the room.
  • Screw eye hooks and insert a mirror wire at the back of the mirror. This will ensure that you have a hanging apparatus that ¬†will support the weight of your bedazzled mirror.
  • Think about the design. Arrange the beads of the costume jewelry around the frame and see if you like the design. You can mix and match the beads, or use the same type of ornaments.
  • Lay down old newspapers on your work space. Use a tin lid or foil as a place to rest your glue gun.
  • Glue the costume jewelry around the mirror.

4. Stones or shells. Bring in nature by attaching clean stones or seashells around the mirror’s frame.

Image source: www.houzz.com