Inspiration: Large Wall Mirrors

A wall mirror is a basic necessity and accessory to have at home. It is not only a practical item to have, it can be decorative, as well. In a tiny room, it can give a visual expansion of space and if you want to save on energy costs, placing a mirror in strategic places can help lower your electric bills. Wall mirrors are available in a wide array of colors, shapes, and styles. When choosing one, select a wall mirror that will maximize the style of the room, and will fit the space, too. It is a great asset to have so be smart when buying one.

Here are ideas of rooms with large wall mirrors:

beveled mirror

A big beveled mirror brings a sophisticated feel in this living room. The rectangular shape mimics the horizontal lines designed on the walls. It is hung across the door so it is able to reflect natural light coming in through the room. What’s great about beveled mirrors is that they add a unique depth and dimension to any room. The angled mirrored frame reflects different areas inside the room, giving you an interesting view.

Wood-framed mirror is a common choice when decorating a house. Wood is easy to use, readily available, and is cheaper than using gold or silver framing materials. In this design, a tall mirror is placed above the mantel. This position complements the high-ceilinged room. The mirror opens up the space and breaks the monotony of the stone cladding.

An intimate dining area can benefit from a large wall mirror. The dining room is one of the best rooms to have a big mirror. A simple, black-framed mirror helps create more space in this room and the color of the frame echoes the style of the other design elements used in the space.







A narrow part of the house such as a powder room or the hallway needs a large mirror to compensate for the limited space. In this design, a big wall mirror occupies most of the wall. When decorating small spaces, don’t shy away from using large pieces such as mirrors since it will instantly transform the look of a room. The frame of this mirror is similar to the material used in the cabinets and drawers, giving a cohesive look in this area.






A wall mirror should blend well with the other furnitures in the room. It gives a “well put together” look in the space and an organized feel. If you love the Victorian era, use a massive wall mirror with an ornate frame. Just make sure that it is securely hung on the wall for safety reasons.

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