Large Mirrors to Enlarge Small Spaces

Interior designers use this decorating trick in small spaces: using mirrors. Bringing in a big mirror to a tiny room in the design creates the illusion of more space and helps illuminate it. Narrow, cramped spaces sometimes need big accessories such as an oversized mirror to help give extra square footage visually. When decorating a room, sometimes you just need a few essential pieces to instantly transform the look and feel of the room. Here are some ideas how large mirrors are used to decorate small spaces:

Candlelights and chandeliers are usually used in the dining room. A big mirror placed in a small dining area will bounce off light coming from these light fixtures. Reflected candlelight brings a warm and cozy ambience which is perfect for romantic dinners. It softens the diners’ features and makes the atmosphere of the room subdued and calm.


A tall mirror in a narrow vanity area lengthens this area. It opens up the space and its position allows it to reflect both the sunlight and light from the scones. Brightening a room is a plus in styling small spaces.

Hang a big wall mirror near a window to take advantage of the natural light coming in a tiny room. This mirror reflects the lovely window panes and the beautiful greenery of the garden. The frame mimics the design of the other elements in the room such as the club chair and side table, giving a cohesive look in this space.

A walk-in closet needs a large mirror to see your outfit of the day. Even if you have a tiny closet, incorporating a big mirror can still be done. Securely install a mirror in one of the walls inside the closet so it won’t be in your way as you pick out your clothes. Get a frame that shows your personality.










Place a floor mirror in a small corner to brighten up the space. Let the mirror reflect a light source to spread out light in the area. If you have a part of your home that you want to transform, consider placing a beautiful mirror there.

If you don’t have a large mirror, you can group mirrors together and make a mirror gallery at home. The mirrors will add a unique dimension to the room. In this design, the beveled mirrors beautifully reflects light while enlarging the small dining room.

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