Inspiration: Styling with Floor Mirrors

A floor mirror is a great home accessory to have. Aside from its practicality, it can make a small room look larger, can brighten a dark room by reflecting natural and artificial light, and you can use it as a decorative element. With a floor mirror, you can easily check yourself or your outfit in one go before leaving the house. Here are inspirations on using floor mirrors in decorating a room.

wooden-framed mirror

A thick border, wooden framed floor mirror gives a nice contrast to this room. The color of the frame breaks the monotony of the neutral color scheme and the thick frame gives ample support to the heavy glass. The shape of the mirror mimics the slim artworks and the angle on how the mirror is placed reflects a colorful wall, instead of a blank wall or ceiling. It serves as a statement piece in this space.





An oversized floor mirror occupies the whole wall in this dining room. It reflects nice views such as the paintings, lovely dining table, and charming chandelier. Its massive size is proportional to the space of the room. When choosing a mirror, consider the location where you will put it. The size of the mirror should be able to create a balance among the other elements in the design.

Enlarge a room by securing full length mirrors on a wall. The frame of the mirror echoes the wood beams on the ceiling, and the wood tones of the floor which creates a cohesive look in the dining room. Each mirror reflects a different area in the room, making an interesting visual impact to you and your guests.

Several floor mirrors surround this home gym, serving two purposes: functional and decorative. While doing your fitness activity, you can see yourself in any area of the room. The black frame give a good contrast to the white walls. When leaning a floor mirror against a wall, make sure that it is securely installed for safety reasons.

A corner near the door is a convenient spot for placing a full length mirror. You can easily do a final check before leaving the room or your house. A local mirror shop an custom make this mirror and you can select the color of the frame to make it complementary to the style of your home.

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