Transforming a Room with Tall Mirrors

A tall mirror, whether a full-length one or larger, can do wonders in a room. Its massive size shouldn’t intimidate you when you’re decorating a room since this mirror brings in practicality and a visual illusion of space. When choosing a tall mirror, think about the space where you will place it, the style of the room, and the wall space for it. You can have a tall mirror leaning against the wall, or installed on the wall. Select the best spot for a tall mirror to maximize its benefits.

Make a room look larger. The reflective property of a tall mirror allows it to give back an image of height and space, giving you a feeling that the room is spacious. Unlike standard sized mirrors, a tall mirror can reflect a larger area which is important when designing a tiny room.

Brightens a room. A tall mirror can bounce off light coming in through large windows, brightening a dark and dim room. The mirror’s shiny surface adds to the element of light in the room. When installed adjacent to a window, a tall mirror can also act as a second “window.” Just make sure that the frame is similar to the window’s molding to get this effect.


Lifts the ceiling. Incorporate a tall mirror in low-ceeilinged rooms at home. It visually lifts up the ceiling, without the need for renovation. It heightens the room and it you have beautiful exposed beams in your house or an intricate design on the ceiling, having a tall mirror will definitely reflect them, giving you an interesting view.

Space filler. When decorating, there are wall spaces that remain unused. Ordinary mirrors can only cover a portion of the wall, leaving a blank space near the ceiling. If you’re decorating a small space, making use of all empty space is important, and a big mirror can fill in thoseblank walls.

Grand statement piece. A tall mirror can be used as a room’s focal point. Choose a mirror that has a beautiful frame and matches the style of the room. The size itself is an attention-grabber, pair it with a well-chosen frame and you’ll have a great accent piece at home.

Remember, when adding tall mirrors at home, make sure that they are installed securely against the wall. A mirror is fragile regardless of its size so take extra precaution when handling and moving tall mirrors. A slip and one mirror could easily become several small ones.

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