How to Install Hanging Hardware to a Wall Mirror

Having a wall mirror is a cost-effective way in decorating since it can do several roles in a room. Just bring in a framed wall mirror and it will instantly transform the look of the room. It can make a tiny room look more spacious, and it can brighten up a room by bouncing off natural and artificial lights. A mirror with a beautiful frame can be a focal point in a dull room.

Hanging a framed wall mirror is easy but it can be tricky especially if you have a large mirror, because of its weight. A large glass is heavy and add the weight of the frame and you will have a considerable weight to hang. Most wall mirrors come with screws and wire attached at the back but before hanging, inspect the hanging hardware to make sure that it it installed properly and can support the mirror. If you are not confident of the hardware, remove it and replace it with another sturdier one.

Important: Ask a friend or family member to be your helper when installing the hanging hardware to a wall mirror.



  • bathroom scale
  • heavy duty mirror wire
  • 2 D-rings
  • screws
  • tape measure
  • power drill


1. Weigh the mirror to know which hanging apparatus to use. Use a bathroom scale to weigh the mirror. Have your helper assist you as you move and weigh the mirror.

2. Buy the appropriate mirror-hanging apparatus. You’ll need a high-quality mirror wire, D-rings, and screws. You also have to consider the type of wall where the mirror will be hung. For a brick wall, get a screw and rawl plug for mirrors weighing up to 20 kgs.; and hanging hooks for mirrors weighing up to 40 kgs. A plasterboard wall can only support objects with a maximum weight of 15 kgs. You’ll need a double picture hook or a plasterboard fastening when hanging mirrors. For a wall made of wood, use a double picture hook for mirrors weighing 5 kgs., and hanging hooks for heavier mirrors.

3. Measure the mirror from top to bottom, in inches. Divide this measurement by 5. The answer is the number of inches from the top where you will install the D-rings.

4. Mark the points where you will attach the D-rings. Using a small power drill with a drill bit which is smaller than the diameter of the screws in the mirror-hanging hardware.

5. Screw the D-rings into the drilled holes. Be careful not to drill up to the glass itself.

6. Insert one end of the mirror wire to one D-rings and twist it securely. Insert the other end of the mirror wire to the second D-ring and go back to the first D-ring and twist the wire securely. Leave enough slack to the wire.

Now you’re ready to hang your wall mirror.

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