Inspirations on Using Mirrors in Kid’s Rooms

Include a mirror in your kid’s room or nursery. It helps beautify the space of your little one and introduces your children to the idea of reflection. Most kid’s rooms are small, you can help brighten the room and make it look expansive with mirrors. Just remember to hang or place the mirror securely for your child’s safety. Here are inspirations on how mirrors are used to decorate a kid’s room:

A bright pink mirror looks lovely in this girl’s room. It acts an accent piece to the gray white wall and enhances the girly style of the room. The big mirror is hung at the end of the bed, reflecting beautiful items such as the owl lamp, pretty bedding, and picture frames.

A mirrored cabinet gives the room a functional and space-saving element. The cabinet is built-in, giving the room more space and the mirrors on its doors are custom sized to fit each panel.

Hang a framed mirror where space is small, or irregular. This area of the playroom has a sloping ceiling so you have to decorate it smartly. The simple curves of the mirror’s frame is appropriate for the children.

Add a red framed mirror to complement a creative child’s room. The painting on one the walls depicts a board game setting and brings a lot of playful vibe in the area. A pop of red from the mirror is a great accent to the mint green wall.

A large floor-to-ceiling mirror makes this room look more expansive. It is securely installed on the wall for safety.

A big wood frame mirror blends right in with this child’s collection of wall art and other knick-knacks. The color of the frame echoes the black and white stripes motif of the group.

Hang framed mirrors at an angle to create a unique focal point. Notice that the frames are just simple, straight and white but the positions give them an interesting touch.

Place a thick framed mirror near the entry of the child’s room. The color of the frame can be customized according to the color scheme of the room.

Make a narrow vanity area look more spacious with a big, square mirror. The green tiles used on the mirror’s frame complements the soft green and pink background. The color of the frame also matches the knobs for a more feminine flair.

Grouping mirrors together is a classic decorating trick. The mirrors mimic the shape of neighboring wall art and help reflect light within the room.

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