Mirrors in the Bathroom: 7 Inspirations

A mirror is essential in a bathroom. We use a mirror to see ourselves while we do our grooming rituals and as we prepare ourselves for work or school. A bathroom without a mirror feels incomplete. When choosing a bathroom mirror, consider the bathroom’s style so the mirror you’ll be buying will blend right in the room. Find a mirror that complements the style of the bathroom and which is functional, as well. You’ll be spending hours in front of a mirror so choose one that is beautiful and durable.

Here are inspirations of bathroom mirrors:

Mosaic mirrors are decorative and beautiful. This red mosaic mirror gives the right amount of color to the neutral background. The vanity area is located at the corner and the mirror brings an interesting design to it. The red hue complements the subdued color scheme of the room.

A beveled mirror gives this bathroom a sense of class and elegance. The mirror reflects a lovely painting and the beveled frame adds depth to the space. The design of the mirror is simple yet beautiful and brings shine and shimmer to the vanity.

A simple mirror in a corner helps make the space look larger. Mirrors placed at an angle gives a unique dimension to an area. Both mirrors reflect light and each other, giving you the illusion of an expansive and illuminated space. The smaller mirror in this design doubles as a medicine cabinet.

A tall mirror fits perfectly in this narrow wall. It lengthens the space and it gives height to the low-ceilinged area. It bounces off light from the window and scones. The rich brown color of the frame complements the color scheme of the vanity.

The design of this bathroom is interesting, having two vanities on both sides. The mirrors on the vanities reflect each other, giving the illusion of a very long, tunnel-like space. They reflect the light fixtures, giving the room enough illumination.

A slender beveled mirror hung on its side lengthens the space of this narrow bathroom. The angle of the frame gives a playful reflection of the artwork and window. The mirror brings clean and sleek lines, complementing the simple design of the room.

A yellow framed mirror brings a pop of color in this somewhat dark bathroom. The color gives a good contrast to the background and black counter. Wouldn’t you like to wake up in the morning, looking at a burst of sun color in the bathroom?

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Image source: www.houzz.com