Fun Ways to Add Mirrors at Home

Mirrors are inexpensive home accessories that you can get at a home decor store or a local mirror shop. A mirror can create the illusion of space in a small, cramped room, and reflects light from natural and artificial lightings. It can help make the look of a room feel complete and functional. Aside from the usual locations of mirror in the living room and bathroom, there are other ways on how you can incorporate mirrors in your home. Here are some ideas:

mirror gallery in the living room

Group mirrors together. A collection of mirrors hung creatively in a wall can become an interesting focal point in a room. The mirrors can be of the same size and shape or they can come in a variety of designs and colors. Hanging mirrors together gives you a mirror gallery at home which is beautiful and functional, as well.

Mirrored backsplash. People don’t normally put mirrors in the kitchen. If you want to add mirror in yours, you can have it as a backsplash. Mirrors make a small kitchen look spacious and bright since they reflect light. Clean the mirror regularly to prevent water marks and deep stains.

mirrored cabinet

Mirrored furnitures. A fun and creative idea is to add mirrors in your furnitures. This gives a new life to an existing furniture and brings elegance and sophistication to a room. A mirrored furniture is interesting to look at and is an amazing addition to any room at the house. You can have a mirrored custom made at your local mirror shop.

a full length mirror creates the illusion of more space

Add dimensions to a room. A well-placed mirror can add depth, width, or length to a room. Pick a room in your home where you want to add more space and that is where you should place a mirror. A tall, skinny mirror can do wonders on a narrow wall or a space with low ceilings. It creates height and lengthens the space. A big mirror at the end of the hallway gives the illusion that the room is very long and never-ending.

floor mirror in the hallway

Cover up a wall with a floor mirror. With its size, a floor mirror can occupy a lot of wall space. If you’re running out of artwork to display and you have an empty wall to decorate, a beautiful floor mirror can do the trick. Find a floor mirror with a frame that matches the color scheme or the style of the room. Remember to secure a floor mirror for safety reasons.

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