Tips and Tricks for a Streak-free Mirror

When a mirror is dirty, it is very obvious since the mirror reflects even dirt and stains, especially with bathroom mirrors, they get messy quickly. With the water stains, fingerprints, toothpaste splatter, and whatnot, a mirror is less useful when you cannot see yourself clearly. Here are tips and tricks that you can do to keep your mirrors clean and streak-free:

Tip #1 Daily mirror cleaning. Make cleaning the mirror a daily habit. You can do your cleaning after you’re done with your grooming ritual in the evening. Get a lint-free cloth and put some rubbing alcohol on it and wipe it on the mirror. The rubbing alcohol removes spots and droplets, and it works as a disinfectant, too.

An antiseptic mouthwash can also do the trick if you’ve run out of rubbing alcohol. If you’re not fond of the smell of the mouthwash, try tea. Brew a cup of tea and let half of it cool down. Use it to buff the mirror.

Tip #2 Remove water spots with baking soda. Baking soda is an all-around green cleaning wonder. Put some baking soda on a clean rag and wipe water spots off the mirror. Dampen a clean cloth and wipe it over the mirror to keep it shiny.

Tip #3 Use baby wipes to remove fingerprints. If you have kids at home, chances are, your mirrors get dirty more quickly than other households. If you have a mirrored medicine cabinet, fingerprints are bound to be always present on the mirror. Removing fingerprints off of mirrors requires a lot of buffing and when you try to wipe them, you get smudges. Use baby wipes to completely remove the fingerprints on the mirror. Baby wipes can take off any dirt or stain on a mirror. It is nice-smelling and doesn’t stain the mirror.

Tip #4 De-fog mirror quickly with a hair dryer. Bathroom mirrors get fogged up with steam from the shower. Quickly de-fog the mirror by using a hair dryer. Aim the nozzle of the hair dryer at the mirror and the heat will remove the condensation.

Tip #5 De-fog mirror longer with shaving cream. Wipe a layer of shaving cream all over the mirror. Keep rubbing it with a lint-free cloth until it dissipates. The mirror will not get fogged up for at least two weeks. The scent of the shaving cream will also leave your mirror smelling clean.

Mirrors are great home accessories but you should clean them periodically so they will last longer. It is better to remove that dirt off the glass now than later to prevent having hard, deep stains on the mirror.

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