How to Pack a Mirror for Moving

Mirrors are beautiful and functional items in a home or office. However, when it comes to moving, we all are apprehensive when it comes to mirrors. They are fragile items and one small bump can scratch, crack, or destroy the whole mirror. When relocating your home, or moving to a new office address, it’s important to know the basics when it comes to packing mirrors. You would want to have the same mirror when you moved out and when you moved in the new location.


  • brown packing paper
  • mirror pack boxes
  • packaging tape
  • permanent marker


Here are the steps on how to pack mirrors:

Step 1. Set up the packing area. Choose an area where you will do the packing. The dining table will suffice. Cover the table with a thick blanket to protect it and the mirrors. Over the blanket, put several thick brown packing paper.

Step 2. Wrap the mirror. Place the mirror at the center of the packing paper. Before you wrap the mirror, make sure that the glass is clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe the glass to remove dust and particles. Any hard particle such as a small stone or pebble on the mirror surface could scratch the glass during transit so clean the mirror first. Tightly wrap the packing paper around the mirror. Use the packaging tape to secure the wrapping. Label it once done. Indicate what kind of mirror it is and which room it was located. This is useful especially if you’re packing several mirrors to avoid confusion and this will let you know where a certain mirror will be placed in the new house or office.

Step 3. Assemble the box. A mirror box consists of two boxes that fit around the mirror’s frame. You can expand or contract the boxes to fit the exact dimensions of the mirror. Put several packing paper in the corner and side of the mirror boxes. Create enough padding to cushion the mirror. Slide the two boxes together to create a pocket where you can slip in the mirror. Put more packing paper in the sides, if needed. Push the boxes together to ensure that the mirror won’t move around. For a large mirror, you may need another set of mirror boxes to cover the whole mirror. Tape all the pieces of boxes together several times. Label the box again with its content and which room it should go to.

Packing a mirror shouldn’t be a daunting task once you know the proper way.

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