Tips for Making a Small Room Look Bigger With Mirrors

Space costs money. The bigger space you have in your apartment, the more costly the rent is. If you’re living in a small space, you have to make each square inch useful. Living in a small room can be restrictive and claustrophobic. There are many tricks that you can do to make a small space look bigger from painting the walls in pastel colors to de-cluttering. One thing that you can do to help make your tiny home look spacious is by incorporating mirrors. Here are tips to give you ideas on how to maximize the use of a mirror in a tiny room:

Tip #1 Put a large mirror near a window. Find the right angle to place a mirror to get the most reflection of natural light. More light in a room makes it brighter and creates a bigger look for the space.

Tip #2 Have a mirror over the fireplace. Create a contrast to a dark fireplace by putting a mirror on the mantel. It is a classic design that is not only decorative, it’s functional, as well. The location is perfect for the mirror to reflect light fixtures that will brighten the room.

Tip #3 Make a statement using a mirror. Hang a decorative mirror in a plain wall. The frame of the mirror should have a unique or interesting design so the mirror can become a focal point in a dark room.

large white mirror

Tip #4 Switch a mirror with a table. In a small bedroom, instead of having two side tables beside the bed, have a mirror in one side of the bed. This will make the room seem bigger and the mirror will reflect light from the lamps.

Tip #5 Reflect a room’s best feature. Place a mirror where it will reflect the best item or area in the room. If you have lovely lamp, a nice painting, or a large window, have the mirror reflect it.

Tip #6 Create a mirror gallery. If you can’t re-paint the dark walls in your home, group mirrors together to brighten the space and create the illusion of more space. Hang mirrors in the same design and size for uniformity or use a variety of mirrors for an interesting mix.

Tip #7 Don’t be afraid of large mirrors. A full length mirror or a leaning mirror can do wonders in making a small room look expansive. The size of this mirror will reflect the whole room, giving the illusion of a large room.

A well-placed mirror is your best friend when it comes to making a small home look spacious. Choose a mirror that will help you maximize a room’s style.

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