Mirror Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in a house. This is where you do your ¬†personal hygiene, bathing, washing, etc. Some people even consider the bathroom as their solace, a place where they can be quiet, de-stress, and relax. Usually, bathrooms are small but the limited space shouldn’t deter you from making it beautiful and relaxing. After all, a bathroom is one of the most important spaces in a home so you have to make it functional and stylish, as well.

An essential item to have in a bathroom is a mirror. A bathroom without a mirror is incomplete. When choosing a mirror for a bathroom, think about the style of the room and the space where the mirror will be placed. A mirror should maximize the style of the bathroom without sacrificing its functionality. Whether you are renovating your small bathroom or wanting to decorate it, here are ideas where a mirror is used to a small bathroom’s advantage:

When decorating a small bathroom, opt for light color on the walls to give the room a feeling of space. A white framed mirror above the pedestal sink gives this bathroom a balanced look. The white color of the frame enhances the crisp and clean style of the room. The wall mirror is adjacent to the window, reflecting natural light which makes the room look brighter.

Hang a slim mirror to elongate the space. If your bathroom has a low ceiling, have a tall mirror to create the illusion of height. The beveled mirror gives a sense of luxe in this ¬†bathroom. Even if the space is narrow, the mirror’s aesthetics and practicality are not disregarded.

Install a wall mirror which has the same size of the bathroom window. In this design, the mirror mimics the window, giving you the illusion of another window in the room. The mirror also reflects a nice view of the ocean.

Don’t be afraid of having a large mirror in a small bathroom. The mirror makes the room look more spacious and it reflects light from the scones. The size is large enough to cover the width of the wall and the frame color echoes the color of the floor tiles.

Make a tiny bathroom look larger by installing mirrors all around the room. Mirrors are a great way of making a small room look more expansive. You can have this kind of mirror custom sized at your local mirror shop. The soft, neutral color scheme also adds to the quiet feel of the bathroom.

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Image source: www.houzz.com