Tips for Using Mirrors to Brighten a Room

Light is an important factor in a home or office. When you’re studying, reading, eating, or doing a hobby, light is essential for you to see what you’re doing. Light brings out the beauty of a space. Whether you have a big or small house, you need to maximize the amount of light inside your home. You don’t need to buy extra light fixtures to bring light in.

Mirrors reflect light and they are an inexpensive way of bouncing off light in a room. Strategically placing mirrors around your home can help you get enough illumination without paying for expensive energy bills. Here are tips on how you can use mirrors to brighten a room:

Tip #1 Place a mirror near a light source. Hang a mirror between wall scones or have a mirror on a wall beneath a chandelier. Positioning a mirror across a light fixture can create a glare which is harsh to the eyes. To reflect natural light, have a mirror near a window. If you want the illusion of another window, hang a mirror on a wall opposite the window. The frame of the mirror will look like a window pane, creating an opening in the wall. These spots are best for reflecting light, natural or artificial, making a room look more spacious and bright.

Tip #2 Select the right mirror size. The bigger the mirror, the greater light it can bounce off. Have a large mirror in an area where it needs more light such as the hallway, home office, or entry. Securely install floor mirrors for safety purposes. If you don’t have a big mirror, grouping small mirrors together is the way to go. Hang several mirrors on a wall across a light source to brighten the space. A collection of mirrors is a beautiful focal point in any room.

Tip #3 Consider the style of the room. Before purchasing a mirror, think about the current style of the room or the theme that you want to achieve when redesigning. The mirror should complement the style of the room and not clash with it. Think whether the mirror will help maximize the style of the room. For a shabby chic look, go for antique mirrors while for contemporary or modern styles, choose a gold or silver framed mirrors. To bring life to neutral walls, hang a big mirror with a brightly colored frame such as vivid red.

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