5 Great Spots for a Leaning Mirror

A leaning mirror is a nice design element in your home. If you have a large mirror, you can use it to be a leaning mirror, just change the angle on how it is hung. Instead of hanging a mirror directly against the wall, try making the mirror lean against it, giving it a slant position. A leaning mirror creates a different display in a space easily. If you want to add some pizzaz in a room, try having a leaning mirror.

Adorn your space by having a leaning mirror in these areas:

Bedroom. Place a leaning mirror on a wall at the end of the bed. A corner in the room is also a good location. The mirror will only take a small amount of space and will give the illusion of more space. Have the mirror in a beautiful frame to enhance the look of the room. Most leaning mirrors have thick wood frames but there are also beveled mirror framed ones. You can have a local mirror company to custom make a leaning mirror that will blend right in the style of your bedroom.

Dining room. The dining room is a great spot for a leaning mirror. It is a good feng shui design idea to have a mirror in this area since it attracts good fortune for the family. A big mirror is perfect since it can reflect the food on the table, the people dining in, candle sticks, and chandelier.

Side-by-side. Put two leaning mirrors beside each other. If you don’t have the budget for an oversize mirror, get two smaller leaning mirrors instead. The mirrors will cover a large amount of wall space, making the room look more spacious.

Fireplace. Position two leaning mirrors on opposite sides of the fireplace. This design creates symmetry and order to the area. The mirrors look like guards of the fireplace and they bring attention to it. Having one mirror in a room is good, having two is better. A couple of mirrors will reflect a larger area and will bounce off more light in the room.

Behind the side table or console table. Decorate a leaning mirror by placing a small table in front. Put some beautiful items on the side table such as a photo frame, a lovely vase, or a pretty box with trinkets. Make sure that the width of the mirror and the side table is proportional so the design will be balanced.

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Image source: www.houzz.com