Uncommon Rooms to Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are beautiful and practical home accessories. In a small room, a big mirror can create the illusion of space. To brighten a dark room, all you need is to hang a wall mirror to reflect light. Whether you have a simplistic modern style, a homey traditional home, or a vintage, French-inspired room, it’s a smart idea to have mirrors.

A mirror can help enhance the style of any room. Usually, the living room and bathroom have one or two mirrors. They serve as decorative and functional items in these rooms. Since a mirror is a versatile design element, you can add it to any room aside from the living area and bathroom. Here are design ideas on how mirrors are incorporated to other rooms in the home.


Laundry room. Laundry rooms are usually narrow and look boring. Brighten up this space by putting a large mirror in an open wall. A mirror will reflect any light coming in to this room, whether natural or artificial light. It can also serve as another “window” since it can echo a real mirror’s form and design. In the design above, the mirror has a white frame to blend in with the room’s color scheme. It makes the room look airy and it brings in a small patch of greenery from outside.

Basement. The basement is a room which is dark, usually has low ceilings, and could definitely benefit from having a mirror. Even if the basement is a less used room, you should still stylize it to make it look more spacious and inviting. In the design idea, a big mirror makes the game room look more spacious and it is able to reflect light from several light fixtures. The frame is simple and the material echoes the wood-themed furnitures of the room.

Home gym. Add a floor mirror to your home gym so you’re able to see yourself as you do your exercises and other fitness activities. If you have a small room for your gym, a wide mirror can make it look airy, bright, and expansive. A wall-to-wall mirror is great for that actual gym feel and atmosphere, it will help motivate you to go and use your gym at home.

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Image source: www.houzz.com