Inspirations in Decorating the Living Room with Mirrors

A mirror is a versatile and practical item you can use when decorating the living room. On a perfect spot, a mirror can make the room look more expansive. It can showcase a beautiful view or bring balance to the living area’s design. If you have a tiny and dark living room, hanging a mirror can instantly transform the space. There are many ways how a big mirror can maximize the style of the living room and here are inspirations.


Another window. A long, thick framed mirror creates the illusion of a window in this living room. This wall mirror enhances the style of the room, having clean and simple lines with a matching white frame. It helps make the room look calm, serene, and inviting. The room looks bright since the mirror reflects the light fixtures.

Mirror panels. Several mirrors are secured by panels and beautifully placed over the fireplace to give an elegant and formal feel to the room. The size of the mirror is the same as the fireplace, giving it a balanced look. The sides of the mirrors are beveled, giving a unique depth and dimension to the design. When having a mirror over the fireplace, make sure that you also decorate the mantel and the mirror should be reflecting something beautiful such as the ornate chandelier like the design on the left. You can hire the services of a local mirror company to create a similar mirror for your home.

Grouping mirrors. Hang several mirrors with the same shape, size, and style. The mirrors serve as accent pieces to the cream wall and make the room look taller. This living room is small but the mirrors make it look spacious and bright since they are able to reflect the light from the floor lamps.

Statement piece. Bring in a large floor mirror to act as the living room’s statement piece. The massive size will let you and your guests focus on the mirror. Make sure that the design of the mirror matches the style of the living room to get that “put together” look. Have the floor mirror secured on the wall for safety purposes.

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