Big Mirrors for the Bathroom: 5 Inspirations

Don’t forget placing a mirror in your bathroom. It not only functions as an item to help you when dressing up, applying make-up, and other rituals before leaving the house, it also serves as a decoration in the room. A small bathroom can benefit from a big mirror since it makes the area look larger. The best spot for placing a mirror is above the vanity but you can put a mirror in other parts of the bathroom such as the shower door or as bathtub border. Before you incorporate a mirror inside the bathroom, consider its location. Make sure that it will help your design idea and will serve its purpose of reflecting light and people.

Here are 10 ideas of placing bathroom mirrors:

An oversized mirror is used in this narrow bathroom. It lengthens the room and blends in with the simple, straight lines used in the room. It provides a clean, sleek look.

A mosaic mirror is a pretty design element in a bathroom. The colors of the mosaic tiles used in the frame echo the colors used in the area and the deep chocolate brown borders create a great accent to the whole mirror.

The two large mirrors placed adjacent to each other in the corner creates the illusion of space. Since the reflection is doubled, it helps illuminate light within the bathroom. The color and the material used on the frame can be custom made at your local mirror shop. If you have a small bathroom, try putting two mirrors in a corner and see if it will help you make your bathroom look spacious.

Make a bold statement even in the bathroom design, by hanging two beautifully framed mirrors. The ornate carvings of the mirror’s frame create an interesting focal point in the room and the color of the frame contrasts the background. If your bathroom’s feeling blah, hang a big mirror with intricate carvings to give the space some energy.

A leaning mirror can be used not only in the living room but in the bathroom, as well. Here the huge mirror enhances the beauty of the room and adds to the airy atmosphere of the space. The colors used in the frame echoes the color scheme of the bathroom.

If you have a busy wall above the vanity, place simple framed mirrors to break the monotony. The mirrors give an amazing contrast to the multi-colored wall while helping achieve a clean and sleek style for the area.

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