Decorating Mirrors on a Wall

A large mirror is a great home accessory. It makes a room look more expansive by giving the illusion of space. In a dark room, a well-placed mirror can make it brighter by reflecting sunlight or any light fixtures. If you need a design element to transform the look of a room, use a beautiful mirror. It is not only decorative, it is a practical item to have as well.

A full length mirror with a lovely frame can be a conversation piece in a room. It is great to have in an entryway to welcome you and your guests as you come into your house. Use it to do a final check of yourself before leaving for work, an errand, or a date. The mirror in the entry can tell about your personality and your home decorating style. A big mirror can stand on its own, design-wise, but you can still add other things to enhance it. You can add a light fixture above or on opposite sides of the mirror. Get a sconce that complements the style of the mirror and install it in the spot near the mirror. This will give a beautiful framing effect to the mirror and the soft light will create a flattering look to people looking at the mirror.


A long and narrow hallway can use a tall mirror at the end. Decorate this mirror by placing it above a small table or chest with a some interesting things such as a flower arrangement, candle sticks, or books. Don’t put too much items on the table to avoid the mirror from reflecting clutter. Keep the table simple yet stylish.









If you don’t have a big mirror, you can use several small mirrors and hang them together as a group to create a focal point in a room. Choose mirrors in various frames and sizes for an eclectic feel. If you prefer a more coordinated look, get mirrors in the same shapes and colors. Before you create a mirror gallery, arrange the mirrors on the floor first to see where a mirror will be located in the grouping.

When using mirrors in decorating, make sure you take extra care when moving and handling the mirrors. They are fragile items and one small bump or slip can make one mirror turn into hundreds of pieces. A leaning floor mirror should be securely installed against a wall for safety reasons.

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