Decorating Restaurants with Mirrors


When decorating restaurants, you want to create a conducive environment for dining. You want the ambience to be welcoming, comfortable, and inviting. Aside from installing light fixtures, wall art, and other decorative items, you should also use mirrors. As diners come in to the restaurant, you want them to see an expansive space where they won’t feel closed-in with other customers while eating. Mirrors do wonders in restaurants and here are the reasons why:

Double the space

If you’re styling a small restaurant, don’t be afraid to use large mirrors to create the illusion of space. Have a floor-to-ceiling mirror on a far wall to make the restaurant look larger visually. When customers come in, the mirror will get their attention and see the whole length of the restaurant, giving them the idea that the place is spacious. A mirrored wall reflects a great area of your establishment, doubling its size.

In feng shui, bringing a mirror in the dining area is a good practice since it attracts positive energy. It is believed that a mirror draws in the energy of whatever it is showing. In restaurants, mirrors should reflect the diners and the food served on the tables. This means attracting more customers and serving more food which is good for the business. A restaurant that is filled with customers is a great advertisement that your place offers delicious food and has a nice ambience. People who haven’t eaten at your restaurant will be enticed to come in due to the number of customers patronizing your business.

Brighten the space

Mirrors can make your restaurant  look brighter by reflecting sunlight and artificial light sources. They will make the space look airy and open. During the day, you won’t need to turn on the light since the mirrors can illuminate the place and this saves you on energy costs. At night, use mirrors that will soften the reflection of light from the chandelier, candles, and other light fixtures. This will give your restaurant a romantic and classy feel.

Decorative element

A big mirror can be an interesting focal point in your restaurant. A group of mirrors can act as a wall art. Choose a mirror that complements the style of your establishment. Mirrors are versatile design elements that you can go from classic to contemporary.

When incorporating mirrors in decorating your restaurant, keep in mind your purpose of using mirrors so you can select the appropriate mirrors. For a customized look, go to your local mirror company so they can provide you with custom sized mirrors that will fit perfectly on your restaurant and will maximize its style.

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