Different Mirrors as Home Accessories

A mirror is a useful item to have in a home. It is a decorative and functional accessory that can help you maximize a room’s style. It is inexpensive compared to other design elements such as crystal chandeliers or artwork. You can get your mirror at a home decor store or you can have it custom made to your local mirror shop.

Mirrors are available in different designs, sizes, and shapes. They can give a room a range of emotions, from dramatic and romantic, to fun and bold. With numerous mirrors available, you may get confused as to what mirror is perfect for a certain room in your home. Here are descriptions of the different mirrors and how you can effectively use them.

Antique mirrors
Antique mirrors are beautiful and gives a shabby chic look in a room. You can place an antique mirror in your home library, office, or parlor. You can buy them from auction houses, antique shops, thrift shops, and even in yard sales, if you’re lucky. Antique mirrors give a feel of a bygone era, of Victorian houses, and a sense of history. If you can’t purchase authentic antique mirrors, you can give an ordinary mirror an antique effect. Local mirror shops can also provide a modern mirror a vintage look.

Full length mirrors
A full length mirror is useful when checking yourself and your whole outfit before leaving the house. Because of its size, you can see yourself in one go. It is best placed in the bedroom, walk-in closet, and the entryway. The frame of the full length mirror can match the color and material used in the other furnitures in the room for a cohesive look. If you want a contrasting element in the room’s design, you can do it with the frame of the mirror.

Wall mirror
A wall mirror comes in standard sizes to large ones. It is a versatile mirror that you can hang it in most areas of the house. It is a great accent above the sofa in the living room, or above the headboard in a bedroom. Most bathrooms install a wall mirror to complete the look and function of a vanity area.

Floor mirror
A floor mirror is large in size and comes in a variety of sturdy frames. It is best positioned leaning on a wall in a room or hallway. It is a great statement piece, especially if the frame is of bright, vivid color, or has ornate carvings. Its massive size demands attention and it is a great addition to the living room. Make sure that the floor mirror is installed securely.

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Image source: www.houzz.com