Feng Shui Tips for Using Mirrors in the Living Room

Mirrors are great home accessories in any room. They help make a small or narrow room look more spacious, and they help make an area look brighter by reflecting light from the sun or from artificial lightings. They are an inexpensive decorative element compared to big ticket items such as a comfy couch or lovely chandelier. Interior designers love to incorporate mirrors in a room since they are both functional and decorative.

In feng shui, mirrors are believed to activate, expand, and circulate energy (or Ch’i) within the room. Since it makes the energy of a room more active, one of the best rooms to have a mirror is in the living room.

A large floor mirror is securely positioned against a wall behind the sofa.

Have a mirror in the living room. You and your family spend a lot of time in the living area — watching TV, playing with little ones, or entertaining guests. This is a space where you want to have a lively atmosphere and a well-placed mirror can help you achieve it. Hang a big wall mirror above the fireplace. On the mantel is a good place to have a mirror since it is a good focal point and it creates a balance together with the fireplace.

Use clear and bright mirrors. Choose a mirror that has a clear and bright glass, a mirror that can reflect images realistically. Clear mirrors reflect clear Ch’i. Stay away from mirrors that distort or cut up images. Translated in feng shui ideas, these mirrors also break up the Ch’i in the room. These mirrors include mirrors with a broken design, mirrored tiles, and mirrors having unusual cuts. Go for square or rectangular mirrors.

This black framed mirror reflects a painting and an ornate chandelier.

Reflect a nice view. Have the mirror reflect a nice view such as a beautiful painting or sculpture, the greenery of nature, a cityscape, or the calm, blue ocean. Hanging mirrors on opposite walls is not recommended in feng shui. It reflect images to infinity, which disorients people, and also, the energy of the living room.

A beautiful wall mirror is hung on a wall near the main door.

Don’t place a mirror across the front door. Avoid placing a mirror directly across the front door. It is one of the taboos in feng shui related to mirrors. It is believed that the mirror deflects all the good, positive energy about to come in through the main door so, remove a mirror if you have one facing the main door. If it is not possible to remove the mirror, place a big, healthy plant in front of the mirror.

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Image source: www.houzz.com