Different Styles of Mirrors

Mirrors are decorative and practical home accessories that can be used in any room. They can give a tiny room a feeling of space, make a dim room look brighter, or serve as accent pieces. Interior designers love mirrors for its versatility and functionality. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. A mirror is a design element which also has a practical purpose. When you’re decorating your home, don’t forget to include mirrors in the design.

There are many mirrors available at the home decor stores and mirror companies. Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. When choosing a mirror, think about its purpose and where you will place it. It should complement the style of the room where it will be located. Incorporating a mirror should help you enhance the style of the room. Make the mirror work with the other elements in the space.

Here are the different styles of mirrors:

Vintage chic. This style of mirrors is for antiqued mirrors, those with the sign of age. These mirrors have small black flecks, silvery haze, or a dull yellowish tone. You can get them at antique stores, auction houses, and secondhand shops. Because of its age, antique mirrors come with a big price tag but you can create an antique effect to an ordinary mirror with just a few materials.

Traditional style. Traditional style mirrors bring elegance and grandness to a room. They have beautiful etched details on the frame. These are perfect for a style which has a Georgian, Edwardian, or Victorian feel.


Contemporary style. Modern style mirrors come in various shapes such as rectangular, round, oval, or asymmetrical. The frames range from sturdy wooden thick borders to metal ones with geometric designs. They have a simple design which is perfect for homes with a minimalistic style.

Country style. Country style mirrors are great for a rustic, provincial, comfy feel. The frame is made of wood, wrought-iron, and other natural materials. Bring warmth and charm to your home with a country style mirror.










World style. If you love traveling, you may want to chronicle your journeys with mirrors. Get a mirror from the place or country you’ve visited and you’ll get an eclectic batch of interesting mirrors. You can have mirrors that reflect the elegance of modern Europe, the old-world charm of Tuscany, Oriental feel of Asia, or a tribal feel of Aztec decor mirrors.

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Image source: www.houzz.com